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Industry Attention on Ultrasonic Machining Tools of Conprofe Tools Again

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—The seventh mobile phone full screen, 3D glass and metal working Forum.


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Recently, the 7th Mobile Phone Full Screen, 3D Glass and Metal Processing Forum was held at Kaili Hotel in Shenzhen. Many 3C industry leaders attended the meeting and delivered speeches to discuss the future development of the industry. The ultrasonic machining products exhibited by Guangzhou Conprofe Tools Co., Ltd. are favored by colleagues. It is a new solution for hard and brittle materials, such as ceramics, sapphire, glass, 3D graphite mold, which are difficult to machining.


 Conprofe Tools Products Exhibition

“How does this holder generate vibration? “Customers from Japan asked about the working principle of ultrasonic holder through translator.

The staff patiently and meticulously answered the customer's various questions, the Conprofe Tools ultrasonic machining product series, including two basic components ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic holder. The ultrasonic generator converts the city electricity into the electric energy signal of the ultrasonic frequency and transmits it to the transducer of the ultrasonic holder through the wireless transmission device. The transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which makes the holder with ultrasonic frequency. It converts the traditional continuous cutting into pulse intermittent cutting, thus achieving better machining performance. Especially for hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, sapphire, glass and 3D graphite mold, which are difficult to machining.

At present, Conprofe Tool's ultrasonic machining product series has more than 100 patents, the product has been applied by many well-known 3C brands in the world and won high recognition and unanimous praise from customers.


Staff patiently explain ultrasonic machining products to customers.


Conprofe Tools senior executives listening to the peer report

At the beginning of the meeting, senior executives of Conprofe Tools carefully listened to and learned from peer reports, and actively communicated with industry elites in order to jointly recommend industry development. With the advent of the 5G era, the brightest star in the night sky is the Ultrasonic machining products, which brings unprecedented dawn to the machining of hard and brittle materials, and adds more expectations to the future of the industry. After this wonderful night, we look forward to meeting you in the next time .

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