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Conprofe Tools for the fifth mobile phone shell new material and Technology Forum

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The 5th Forum on New Materials and Technologies for Mobile Phone Shells (2.5/3D Glass, Zirconia Ceramics) was held in Shenzhen on April 20, 2018 by Xun Cai Wen Liao,Zhang Gong Zhi and Communication industry purchasing alliance. This forum focuses on the hot topic of "new materials and new technology for mobile phone shell (2.5/3D glass, zirconia ceramics)" to promote the development of the industry. Hundreds of guests from mobile phone industry, such as Industry experts, brand merchants, end-users, media reporters and so on, attended the grand meeting.    


At the beginning of the main forum in the morning, Dr. Qiu Yaohong, Chairman-in-Office of the China Powder Injection Alliance, said in his speech that the 5G communication was coming and the era of wireless charging was beginning. Materials such as glass and zirconia ceramics, which support wireless charging, are favored by the mobile phone shell industry. In his keynote speech entitled "The Impact of Glass and Zirconia Ceramics on the Antenna Design of 5G Mobile Phone", Dr. Huang Yingqu, chief antenna expert of vivo, pointed out the opportunities and challenges that zirconia ceramics and glass will encounter in the age of 5G communications.

As a silver sponsor, Conprofe Tools set up a product showcase and shared the keynote speeches of the conference. The overall presentation was fruitful.

On this stage, we focused on the series of ultrasonic machining products. Visitors came to the booth to consult, staff enthusiastically introduced to the audience the performance and advantages of products, to help us better understand the ultrasonic processing products. Audiences have shown great interest in new products and new technologies, and have asked for product information, and given high praise.





In the keynote speech in the afternoon, Dr. Lin Yisong, Executive Dean of the Institute of Conprofe Technology Group, shared the application of ultrasonic machining in new materials (ceramic / Sapphire / glass) of mobile phone shell. "Ultrasonic machining is especially suitable for precision grinding and cutting of hard and brittle materials, such as ceramics, sapphire, glass, composite materials, silicon wafers, etc. which is difficult to machining in traditional way  "Dr. Lin Yisong pointed out in the introduction process, ultrasonic machining in the new era of 5G mobile phone shell material processing will be a new solution, can effectively solve the industry pain point. Dr. Lin's exquisite professional presentation, with vivid machining video and rich machining case comparison, to help the audience understand the report quickly and accurately, and won everyone's applause.




In this forum, both the audience's affirmation and suggestions are invaluable to Conprofe Tools. Conprofe Tools has been adhering to the development concept of " Converging of Global Resources, Professional as Industry Leader," adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, continue to strengthen technological independent research and development, now has more than 100 patents of various products, has established Guangdong Province ultra-hard precision tool engineering technology research center, is a state-level high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou science and technology Innovation of small giant enterprises. In the future, Conprofe Tools will continue to enhance independent R&D and innovation capabilities, help the rapid development of industry construction, and work together with industry customers to win-win future.

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