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The Ultrasonic Tool is Shining in 2018 SIMM

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The 19th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition was officially curtained at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 1, 2018

The prosperity of site

During the exhibition in Shenzhen, Conprofe tools mainly exhibited the series of ultrasonic tools series, Carbide tools series, MCD/PCD/PCBN tools series and threading tools series. Among them, the Conprofe tools also demonstrate the scene of ultrasonic machining in a dynamic and static way.

The atmosphere at the booth was warm and popular, attracting many domestic and foreign customers to come around. Engineers of Conprofe Tools warmly received clients, answered various questions and exchanged contact information with each other.

Customers are particularly interested in our series of ultrasonic tools, and some including a clear intention to cooperate.

With the spirit of "honesty, tolerance, innovation and service", Conprofe Tools has been optimizing tool design for customers through independent innovation and sincere cooperation, providing precision and efficient cutting tool solutions, and ultimately achieving the goal of reducing costs for customers.






Conprofe Ultrasonic tools series


Ultrasonic tools are widely used in 3C industry, aerospace, national defense equipment, automotive and new energy fields. For hard and brittle materials, such as ceramics, glass, composite materials, silicon wafers, precision grinding and cutting are carried out, which greatly improve machining efficiency and tool life.

The patented design of longitudinal-torsional composite horn can effectively reduce the main cutting force and cutting temperature, reduce surface micro-cracks and machining stress, reduce surface roughness, improve tool lifespan and surface integrity, save cost, optimize quality and output.




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